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International Package Shipping

Using deferred ocean and air express services, the company offers package shipping from the US to Europe and the Philippines.

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The Client

International Package Shipping is a rapidly growing consumer-to-consumer package shipping company with three subsidiaries, Polonez Parcel Service, Doma Export, and Alex Auto Export. Using deferred ocean and air express services, each company offers package shipping from the US to Europe and the Philippines.

The company utilizes over 700 Authorized Shipping Outlets (ASO), Pack and Ship stores, and independent Philippines Co-loaders across the US as agents to help consumers reliably ship packages to loved ones in Europe and the Philippines.


International Package Shipping


The United States

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The Challenge

International Package Shipping was looking for a team that could become an integral part of their company to add reliability and extensibility to the current system to enable the company to grow. It included optimizing systems and code to handle new operational models for growth initiatives and staying ahead of the competition from a business perspective. The technical scope of work covered, maintaining the systems and code, and documenting everything.

The team needed to include:

  • Project Management to help define tasks and workflows;
  • DevOps to architect and maintain a new and improved platform;
  • Application Development to refactor existing code, offer ideas on new technology and create extensible code to handle unique growth opportunities;
  • Document all of the above.

The business objectives standing behind this project combined the optimization in three main areas:

  • Reduce person-hours spent on system bugs;
  • Add the ability to update pricing, insurance coverage, and US and domestic customs charges quickly;
  • Create a modular system to handle expansion into new countries with varying operational models.
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How we did it

Time is one of the critical factors of successful project management. We assembled a Senior PHP developer, PM, and DevOps Engineer team in under a week.

Reduction of person-hours spent on system bugs was one of the principles of the project. We created new EC2 and RDS instances with appropriate specifications for the application demands to address that one.

Following the need of adding flexibility to pricing, insurance, and the US and domestic customs changes, we addressed it by: 

  • Refactoring libraries that handled package definitions, pricing, and customs requirements by country;
  • Re-architecting user management, country and city validation, package tracking, and cloud printing for shipping labels and customs documentation.

Another step was to create a modular system that handles expansion into new countries with varying operational models. We addressed it by: 

  • Redeveloping the agent management system;
  • Architecting a new warehouse system for defining new US and foreign warehouse and distribution channels.

The extremely knowledgeable Applandeo Team worked like a finely tuned machine to quickly learn and expand our complex international shipping system. They exceeded my expectations on timing, skill sets and cost.

Dan Ventura International Package Shipping CIO
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Technology stack: 

  • Engine – custom PHP and JS framework
  • PHP 7.2
  • jQuery
  • twig
  • PostgreSQL 11.8
  • Apache 2.4
  • AWS EC2 Ubuntu and RDS

Main tools and solutions: 

  • PhpStorm
  • AWS Management Console
  • pgAdmin
  • SaltStack 
  • Docker
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The outcome

The key improvements introduced as a result of the technology partnership between Appnadeo and International Package Shipping were in code quality and infrastructure and new and existing functionalities. There is also system documentation created to describe business rules and relations throughout the system. 

International Package Shipping is driven by growth and constantly adds new warehouses, ASOs, and destination countries to their global ecosystem. 

Redeveloping the Philippines agent management system and streamlined pricing system is a big step forward. It allows further expansion of the Philippines market and other new countries.

Thanks to implementing modularity into the system, International Package Shipping can expand into new countries with varying operational models and flexibility to pricing, insurance, and the US and domestic customs changes.

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The Client’s opinion

International Package Shipping - Dan-Ventura Dan Ventura International Package Shipping CIO

Applandeo has made a significant impact on our business, enabling us to grow and meet the demands of our clients and partners.

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